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Jet Ski

Break the waves or choose a relaxed enjoyable ride using the latest models of Yamaha GP TURB0 280 HP ,VXR180HP, VXS SPORT 130HP that we provide. Carefully follow our instructions on safety rules and treat yourself to an experience you will never forget.

While choosing which safari package or which jet skis to rent you should consider more criteria than just the price In addition to our service we also prevail in the quality of jet skis that we provide. Our jet skis are the top models, namely the YAMAHA WaveRunner and were purchased in 2018 and 2019. They are selected on the basis of comfort and specifically their flotation ability with regards to the strong waves of Santorini's seacoast.

Our models are: VXR180HP, V1 SPORT 130HP, VX SPORT 110HP

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